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  • opzs battery
  • opzs battery
  • opzs battery

2V opzs battery series

Model: opzs battery
Standard: National Standard
Rated voltage (V): 2
Rated capacity (Ah):2V200Ah-2V3000Ah
Design life : 15 – 20 years
Depth Of Discharge: 80% DOD
Packing Number (pcs): per pc per carton
OEM Service: supported
Origin: Guangdong, China.

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2V opzs battery

Company profile

Business Type: Manufacturer/Factory.
Main Products: Lead acid batteries, Deep Cycle Gel Battery,  
Motorcycle batteries,  Lithium batteries.
Year of Establish: 2001
Management System Certificate: CE, ISO9001, ISO14001.
Location: Hui Zhou , Guangdong.


Solar and wind energy storage system, Industrial generating system, railway station system,
telecom system, backup power system, UPS system, mobile communication system, etc.

General Features

1. German Gel Technology.
2. Wide operating temperature range from -25°C to 60°C.
3.Sealed and maintenance free operation ,Low internal resistance, good high rate discharge performance.
4. Never use recycle lead, All our lead plates use 99.997% pure new lead.
5. Never use recycle plastic particles , Housing/Cover: made of UL94HB plastic,fire resistance and water proof.
6. Our terminal post: new copper or lead material with maximum conductivity,enhance the high current rapidly .
7. Design float service life : 15-20 years.

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LengthWidthHeightTotal Height
OPzS 250225012420635541015.1
OPzS 300230014520635541017.5
OPzS 350235012420647152619.8
OPzS 420242014520647152623
OPzS 490249016620647152626.2
OPzS 600260014520664670132.5
OPzS 800280019121064670145
OPzS 10002100023321064670154
OPzS 12002120027521064670164
OPzS 15002150027521077382877
OPzS 200022000399210773828116
OPzS 250022500487212771826150
OPzS 300023000576212772806170

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