Although lithium ion battery is becoming more and more popular, and they have been verified to be very safe battery types. However, lithium ion battery is also dangerous. If the quality of the battery is not good or improperly used, it is easy to cause the lithium ion battery fire even explode. Therefore, when we buy batteries, we should choose better quality batteries, and we must follow the requirements in use.

Let us discuss the reason that lithium ion battery fire and how to deal with it.

The Reasons: 

1, The inconsistency of the cells inside the lithium ion battery

Many cells form one battery, so each cell’s capacity, internal resistance, and voltage of each cell are required to be consistent. If they are inconsistent, the battery capacity will be greatly affected first, and then the battery life will be shortened, the internal resistance will increase, and more serious will cause lithium ion battery fire.

2, Short circuit inside the battery

The short circuit of the internal cell causes a large current discharge, a large amount of heat occurs, and the diaphragm is burnt. If the internal pressure is too high, the cells will explode.

3, External short circuit of the battery

The external short circuit may be caused by the wrong connection of the positive and negative. Due to the external short circuit, the battery discharge current will be very high, Make the cell heat, cause an internal short circuit, and fire.

4, Battery overcharge

Overcharging the battery will also generate heat and cause a fire.

How to deal with it:

1, When we choose lithium ion battery, we must choose better quality and high consistency. This can reduce the probability of battery fire, and the battery life is longer.

LEODAR brand lithium ion battery all use brand new A+ grade cells, High consistency, Use good quality BMS, Can well guarantee the overcharge and over-discharge protection of the cells, Reduce risk. LEODAR Group always puts quality and service first. All our customers give high ratings to our lithium ion battery and Gel battery.

2, Connect the positive and negative correctly, and the inverter correctly to avoid external short circuits.

LEODAR group has a professional technical team to solve some problems of customers in the installation process. Ensure that customers are installed correctly and used safely.

3, Don’t overcharge the battery. We should set the correct charging voltage and battery overcharge protection mechanism. This requires BMS to have good quality

4,When using the battery, the temperature should not be too high. Too high temperature is not conducive to heat dissipation, Make the internal temperature of the battery too high, shorten the lithium ion battery life, and even catch lithium ion battery fire.

In short, we should choose a professional lithium ion battery manufacturer and have a professional technical team to ensure customer requirements.



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