Now more and more customers like to find manufacturers to cooperate to get the lowest price. As a gel battery manufacturer, we do have the most competitive prices and the ability to control product quality. But what should we do to make customers willing to cooperate with us and cooperate for a long time?

I think there are the following points


Quality is always the first factor in cooperation. Only with good product quality can we win the trust of customers. Many high-quality customers also regard product quality as the basis of cooperation. Without good quality, we will lose the trust of our customers and our own competitiveness.

So as a gel battery manufacturer, we must focus on the quality control of gel battery. Put more funds and energy into R&D and innovation. Only in this way can we improve the quality of our gel battery and gain the trust of more customers.

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We sell gel battery to customers. This is only the first step in our cooperation. Good after-sales service is the core of our cooperation.

Technical Services. Our gel battery is generally used in solar power generation systems, wind power generation systems, and backup power systems, so some customers will require some technical services in terms of installation. LEODAR gel battery manufacturer has a professional technical service team to solve customers’ technical problems. Including product parameter debugging, system design and installation, and system testing. Customers are very satisfied with our technical services, which also established the basis for our long-term cooperation.

Warranty service. We cannot guarantee that all of our gel batteries are qualified, and every gel battery manufacturer cannot guarantee that their gel batteries are 100% qualified. We are just trying to minimize the failure rate. When our battery has quality problems, we will not shirk our responsibility. First, we will communicate well with customers, what is the specific problem of the product, and whether there is any incorrect method during transportation and use. If it is confirmed that it is our battery quality problem, we will replace the customer with a new gel battery for free.


Price is always a very sensitive factor, but it is definitely not a decisive factor. Because I believe that many high-quality customers will know that when the price of gel battery is lower than the market price, its quality must be problematic. Therefore, the price of our gel battery will not be lower than the market price in the first place. However, based on product quality, we will give customers relatively cheap prices to ensure customer profits.



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So as a gel battery manufacturer, our corporate cultures are:

  1. Purpose: Provide the best battery solution for each client.
  2. Vision: Become the world’s best battery supplier.
  3. Mission: Create value for customers, make yourself valuable.
  4. Core values: Integrity, quality, service, innovation.

We strive to improve gel batteries’ quality, service, and price to enhance customers’ confidence in us and improve our own competitiveness. We also hope that more and more customers can establish cooperative relations with us.

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