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About LEODARDeep cycle Gel Battery and Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturer

LEODAR Power was founded in 2001, which is one of the best and earliest deep cycle gel battery and lithium ion battery manufacturers in China .integrating research, development, manufacturing, distribution into a professional group company. The Products include AGM battery, Deep cycle gel battery, Lithium-ion battery, and Motorcycle battery. After 20 years of continuous innovation and development, LEODAR Group has a complete set of production equipment and more than 500 employees now. In addition, We had set up the Philippines branch, Cambodia branch, Nigeria branch.

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Our Advantage

As one of the leading industrial battery manufacturers, we are keeping quality first and foremost in our minds. LEODAR group treasures every opportunity to be your partners in the deep cycle GEL battery and lithium ion Battery field. Build up long-term cooperation based on mutual efforts and mutual benefits.

Reliable Products Quality

Consistent quality performance that exceeds customer expectations

 Strong R&D Competence

Strong researching and development competence to design special model

 High Cost-effective

Continuous process improvement to drive cost competitiveness and quality performance

Excellent Customer Service

LEODAR brings you not only reliable battery products and technology but also excellent service and real value you shall expect and enjoy

Proactive Response

Proactive response including: To product, to market, and to Volume


The main products are AGM battery, Deep Cycle GEL battery, Opzv/Opzs battery, Motorcycle Battery, and deep cycle lithium ion battery. Widely used in Solar/Wind energy storage systems, industrial telecom systems, backup power supply systems, Motorcycle, etc.



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Our lithium-ion battery and Deep Cycle Gel battery can be used in many different fields

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